Ideal Tashkhis Atieh Company started its activities in 2005 in medical diagnostic field using advanced technologies and recruiting a professional and experienced team. Ideal Tashkhis introduced 7 different products in both 96 tests and 192 tests formats in early 2008 which could be run manually or on an automated ELISA processor. This process happened after rigorous studies and approval criteria which is supported by our quality assurance specialists. The most prominent features of products are the high quality, reliability, user-friendly, reproducible results and cost-effectiveness.

Following our fundamental policies of customer satisfaction and constant improvement, we are able to compete with world class brands and achieve a prominent position among consumers.

At the moment, thirty five different kinds of diagnostic ELISA kits in various fields of infectious diseases, hormonal disorders, tumor markers, anemia, etc., are produced by Ideal Tashkhis and are offered to our customers in private labs and hospitals.

In order to assist medical society and patients, Ideal Tashkhis hopefully follows more effective steps to improve the quality and increase the variety of products.

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